CCTV captures moment man attempted to lead toddler away from his mum

These images show the moment a man appears to lead a toddler away from his mother in a busy shopping centre. In shocking CCTV footage, the young family can be seen walking through the shopping Centre in Derby, East Midlands. At one point (far left), the unnamed mother walks very slightly ahead of her child – and seconds later a man wearing a dark jacket and a cap appears. He then approaches the 22-month-old second left as the child follows his mother into a store. The man then appears to try and persuade the child to walk off with him second right. But the unnamed mother turns around right and challenges the man, who then seems to apologize and walk off. 

Police are now appealing for witnesses to this shocking incident – which took place on Thursday morning. Continue…


Shocking CCTV footage of a man appearing to try and lead a toddler away in a busy shopping centre has emerged. In this frame, the boy (circled) can be seen walking away from his mother (right)



The mother walks in front of the boy and a man (pictured in the far right of this frame) approaches the child

The man, described as white and aged about 60, appears to speak with the child before taking his hand

The man holds the boy’s hand and appears to walk away with the child in the opposite direction

hat is happening behind her, the mother turns left and sees the man walking off with her 22-month-old boy right


The mother walks up to the man (left) – who then seems to apologise to her and walk away (right)

Police are now questioning a man following the incident – which took place on Thursday morning

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Lamb, of Derbys Police, said:

‘This was a very isolated and extremely unusual incident and we are very keen to speak to the person shown in the images. Although we do not know the intentions of the man involved, I would urge parents or those with young children to always be mindful of their safety, especially in crowded places.’

Anyone who recognises the man is asked to contact Derbyshire Police.

Culled from UK Daily MailImageImageImageImage


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